Write a summary on the poem "Full moon and Little Frieda" by Ted Hughes in full details line by line.

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booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I cannot do this assignment for you, but I can give you some input to make it easier for you to do. Part of the reason is that, first and foremost, everyone responds differently to a poem, so my impressions may not be the same as yours, but I'll tell you what I think, and you can decide what you think.

First of all, the poem is about the full moon, which may seem obvious, but it is also about "little Frieda." (Frieda is the late Ted Hughes' daughter.)

By working backwards, and remembering the title, you can understand that "you" in the poem is the poet speaking to his daughter—and because he calls her "little," she must be young.

Frieda has, obviously, looked up into the sky at night to see, and perhaps to point, at the moon.

The fact that there is an exclamation point at the end of the word "moon" each time it is repeated lets you know she is very excited by seeing the moon on this particular night.

If you now go back to the beginning of the poem, you will perhaps notice that there is a great deal quietly going on during this "cool small evening."

A lot of imagery is used here to paint mental pictures in the reader's mind.

There is a dog barking, and the clank of a bucket (meaning it must start out empty at the beginning of the poem). Since that bucket and "milk" are discussed in the poem, we can assume that the little girl has been [probably] with her dad as he milks the cow. Being so small it would no doubt be hard for her to carry the pail alone, but perhaps she is helping her father.

There is a spider web described that will hold drops of dew on it by morning, and now again, the pail...full of milk this time.

The first star has come out. Cows are meandering back from the fields, and you can see their breath in the cool air as they pass the hedges.

I can't be sure about the line "dark river of blood," except to surmise that there may also be a pond there, and it may appear like blood in the darkness, there with the boulders that may encircle it or that the water encircles.

While balancing the pail of milk, the little girl sees the moon and exclaims with excitement.

However only the poet can see, as a father, that as excited as she is about the moon, the moon, like an artist, is amazed too by looking at this beautiful work of nature—this child—who looks back amazed at the moon, like two mirrors reflecting back on each other.  (This last line is great!)

Not only is there imagery used, but specific examples of imagery are personification and onomatopoeia.

Hope this helps!