What is the summary of Chapters 1-15 of Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews?    

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In order to create a chapter by chapter summery of Joseph Andrews you want to first create an outline of the book so that you are aware of how many chapters need to be covered. Within each chapter of the book there will be key events that cause the plot line and character development to move forward driving the story to the conclusion in the end.

Within the novel Joseph Andrews we read about the journey of a footman, Joseph Andrews, from London to his employer’s, Sir Thomas Booby’s, home. The novel focuses on the journey but also Joseph’s relationship with the female heroine, Fanny Goodwill, whom Joseph intends to marry. The novel itself is intended to be a comedy as calamity and pitfall befall Joseph on his journey.

An example of what an outline for a chapter summery could (although the details may be different and should be explored from the novel itself) look like this:

I. Book 1 – Introduction to the characters within the book.

II. Book 2 – Journey to the inn.

III. Book 3 – Journey on the stage coach.

When exploring each book (chapter) within the novel it is important to look at how each calamity play a part in helping or hindering Joseph and what these calamities represent as one of the main focuses of the writing style of this book is to focus an aristocratic view of the events that befall those within what was viewed at the time as a lower class of society.

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