Write a summary on improving a company's customer service.

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A summary on improving a business's customer service would logically begin with a brief description of that company's perceived weaknesses or shortcomings that could be responsible for impeding progress. For example, a pattern of complaints from customers regarding the quality of one's product or services, or a series of complaints concerning unprofessionalism on the part of sales staff or management would clearly indicate a need to address such areas. Perhaps the quality of product is fine, but the manufacturer or outlet has experienced difficulties shipping products on schedule, or maintaining adequate inventory to meet demand. Maybe customers do not feel that their concerns are being taken seriously or are being adequately addressed. No business is perfect, and there is certainly some area that holds room for improvement.

Efforts to improve customer service would follow logically from the above discussion of identified weaknesses. Even in the unlikely event that there is no identified shortcoming, there is usually some room for improvement in the area of customer service. Any business, whether wholesale or retail, manufacturer or provider of services, requires a positive perception on the part of its intended clientele. Proper training of staff, therefore, is essential to ensure that each member of the staff--or, at a minimum, those who come into direct contact with the customer--is instructed in how to deal with unsatisfied clientele. The old adage "the customer is always right" remains appropriate. While the customer might be completely wrong on the facts, and while that customer might simply be unreasonable and excessively demanding, the business that pursues customers must be prepared to convince even the unreasonable clients that it is sensitive to their needs and concerns. This does not come naturally to all individuals. Those whose job descriptions include direct contact with customers must be periodically reminded of the need to assuage customer concerns.

A positive reputation for customer service can go a long way towards impressing potential customers who might otherwise choose a competitor. A reputation for honesty and integrity (i.e., the customer has confidence that the company's staff means what it says and will do its best to meet conditions of any agreement) can help to compensate for disadvantages in other areas, such as cost to the customer in those cases where the competitor's price is lower. Many individuals and businesses will factor into their equation when comparing options the quality of customer service they can expect. Individuals will pay a higher cost to have their car repaired if they are confident that the mechanic is honest and capable. Companies seeking vendors to supply parts for a larger item will look more favorably upon those vendors that are known to be responsive to their clientele and to act with the appropriate level of professionalism.

A summary on improving a company's customer service should include a discussion of existing issues that may exist such as those described above. It should then offer measures intended to improve existing policies and practices, such as training of staff with an emphasis on timely responses to customer concerns or complaints and an appreciation for the need to be sympathetic to those concerns or complaints, even when they are without merit.