Write a summary of Chapter 1 of the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Bruno, the nine-year-old son of a Nazi commander, arrives home after a day at school to find the house being packed up. At first, he's concerned he's being sent away, but quickly notices that his mother's things are also being packed. He asks his mother about this change, and she confirms that the family is embarking on a "great adventure." Bruno learns that they are moving for his father's work. The Fury, as Bruno calls him, sees a lot of potential in his father, and is sending them someplace important to conduct a key job. Bruno doesn't understand his father's job and has little perspective for what this means.

Bruno is upset as he learns more about the move. Realizing he will be traveling far away and not returning to school causes a great deal of stress. He will have to say goodbye to his friends, Karl, Daniel, and Martin. His mother tries to reassure him but eventually tells Bruno that they don't have a choice.

Bruno reflects on everything he loves about their house: the five stories, the long banister, and the proximity to Grandfather and Grandmother. He wonders if they'll move along with the family. He can hear his parents argue, and it becomes clear that his mother does not want to move any more than Bruno does. He eventually returns to his room and helps the maid pack his things.

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At the beginning of Chapter 1, Bruno, a nine-year-old boy living in Berlin, comes home to find his family's maid, Maria, packing up all of his belongings. Bruno's mother then walks into his room and explains why Maria is packing his things. He follows his mother downstairs where she tells him that they are moving because his father's job has forced them to relocate. Bruno then begins to think about what his father does for a living and realizes that he doesn't really know what he does. Bruno then thinks about his friends and how much he will miss them. Bruno is upset about the news and slides down the long banister as he reminisces about his house. He mentions that he will miss the banister as well as living close to his grandparents. Bruno then overhears his mother and father arguing in his father's office. Dejected, Bruno walks into his room to help Maria pack his things.

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