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Write a summary and analysis of the poem, "The Going" by the poet Thomas Hardy.

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In Thomas Hardy's sad but lovely poem, "The Going," he tells a woman that he deeply loved, who left without saying goodbye, how this action left him a mere shell of a man. It has been suggested that this poem refers to the estrangement between him and his first wife, Emma Lavinia Gifford. Even after the end of their marriage, Hardy struggled with the loss:

...he remained preoccupied with his first wife's death and tried to overcome his remorse by writing poetry.

Hardy's poem has six seven-line stanzas. In the first stanza, the speaker asks the woman why she never hinted that she would be leaving at dawn forever:

Why did you give no hint that night

That quickly after the morrow's dawn,

And calmly, as if indifferent quite,

You would close your term here, up and be gone...

The second stanza laments that she never spoke to him before she left. He woke to the dawn with no idea that she had left. As he saw the sun rise, he had no inkling that she...

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