Write the structure of 4,6 -dimethyl-5H-[1,3]dithiolo [4,5-c]pyrrole-2-thione?

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Pyrrole is a five membered ring with one nitrogen and two carbon-carbon double bonds.  The dithiolo refers to another 5 membered ring attached to the pyrrole ring.  The dithiolo ring contains 2 sulfur atoms at the 1 and 3 positions.  The 5H part of the name means that the nitrogen atom in the pyrrole ring has a hydrogen attached to it.  The structure that I have just described is shown in the picture file at the bottom of this answer.

The structure you are asking for contains a few extra items.  The two position of the dithiolo ring contains a carbon sulfur double bond.  That means that the carbon between the two sulfur atoms will have a double bond to a sulfur atom.  Finally, the 4,6-dimethyl means that the carbons on the pyrrole ring flanking the nitrogen atom will each contain a single bond to a methyl group.

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