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Write a short paragraph on why objects look a certain color & why colored glass transmits a certain color of light. (Ex. Why is a blue quilt blue?) Why does red light pass through a red piece of glass?

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Light is the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  It makes up a very small part of the spectrum, right in the middle, just above infrared waves and just below ultraviolet waves.  The reason objects appear as individual colors is because they absorb all the colors from white light except for the color they are.  That color is reflected back to our eyes.  All the colors of visible light are (in order):  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  This also explains why things that are dark get warm faster than things that are lighter colors.  Black is the absence of all the colors, so they are all absorbed, which transfers to warmer temperatures.  White is the presence of all the colors, so they all get reflected, which transfers to cooler temperatures.

The same principle works with colored glass.  Red glass absorbs all the other colors, but repels the red wavelength, which is picked up by our eyes.

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