Write short notes on i) Repetitive motion injury ii) Cumulative trauma disorder iii) Neck tension syndrome.Question is related with ergonomics

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Cumulative trauma disorder and  repetitive motion injury are two different terms with same meaning. These refer to injury or health disorder caused by repetitive motion during normal work. This disorder referred by many different names such as repetitive stress injury, and overuse syndrome. Neck tension syndrome is a specific type of repetitive motion injury. Repetitive motion injury are caused by awkward postures and motions of the body which put excess strain on the body which does not cause immediate injury, but when such postures and movement s are repeated frequently, the negative effect on the body builds up slowly over a time and may cause severe health problems. Some of the common types of repetitive motion injury are back strain, eye strain, neck tension syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and bursitis.

Injury or disorders caused by repetitive motions can be treated by various methods including restriction of movement, application of heat and cold, physiotherapy, medication, and surgery.

Neck tension syndrome is caused by body posture and and work in which the the neck may have to be repeatedly or continuously strained to look up, down or sideways, or by holding arms extended.For example it may be caused by postures and repetitive motions such insufficient back support in chair and leaning forward, looking op at computer monitor or other displays that are placed too high, cradling handset with neck during telephonic conversation, and typing with elbows and fore arms unsupported. It causes problems such as stiff neck, neck or shoulder tension, tight chest and headaches.

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Repetitive motion injuries occur when a person repeats a motion over and over again. The stress falls to the same body part, muscle, etc. resulting in an injury. The injury can be the development of a bone spur or the continuous pulling of a muscle.

Cumulative trauma disorder occurs when a person over extends the amount of work onto a body part or joint causing damage. In this case a person laying carpet may find that he has reached his physical limit for the day, but he pushes himself to complete two more carpet installations. On the last carpet when pressing his knees onto the carpet stretcher, he feels a sharp pain that does not go away.