What are methods to minimize glare?This question is asked in relation to ergonomics and illumination at work.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Glare occurs when one part of a visual field is brighter than the level to which eye has become adapted. The most obvious way to control glare is to control the light falling on displays from the sources of glare. This can be done by means such as pulling blinds over widows through outside sunlight comes in directly. Also the visual screens such as computer monitor may be placed in such positions  that windows or other light sources do not shine on it. If these methods still do not eliminate glare on visual screens, screen filters may be used.

Instead of using blinds on windows, tinted glasses or translucent blinds may also be used. This allows use of natural day light for lighting the workplace without causing too much glare. Similarly vertical or horizontal fins may be used on widows to bar direct visibility of sky outside without completely blocking the natural light or ventilation.

Glares are also reduces by building overhangs over Windows, doors and other openings. Using windows, that are higher or skylights also let natural light with less glare at the normal working levels.

Glares can also be reduced by reducing too much of contrast in brightness in areas surrounding workplace. For example areas around widows may be painted in lighter colours. However care is required to ensure that such light coloured surfaces themselves do not become sources of glare. Thus care need to be taken to avoid too much contrast between work place and general surrounding.

Glare from artificial sources of lights can be reduced by using concealed light or translucent shades. When this is not done care should be taken to place light sources so that there no direct eye contact with the light source.

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