Write a short note about the twins from "The Canterville Ghost."

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like the question is asking for a short character description of the twins.  They are occasionally referred to as "Stars and Stripes," and they are the youngest members of the Otis family.  I have always found it interesting how characterizing the twins can be done as if they are a single character.  They are most definitely rambunctious troublemakers.  Soon after learning about the ghost, they begin plotting ways to antagonize Sir Simon.  They are creative in their efforts as well.  They pull off just about every prank from summer camp imaginable.  They string a rope across the hall to trip Sir Simon.  They set a bucket on top of a door to fall on him.  They lube up the floor to make it slippery.  They shoot their pea shooters at the ghost, and they even make a fake ghost to scare Sir Simon.  Their efforts to scare Sir Simon work quite effectively.  All in all, the Otis twins seem to be perfect examples of stereotypical naughty children. 

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