Write a short note on potential sources of stress.

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This question is relevant to business relationships both with co-workers, superiors and customers.

Stress is a result of outside pressure that builds up within an individual.  Very often, in business, individuals work in a diverse environment where there are many different styles of communication, worth ethics and perceptions.  Not understanding your defined role in the workplace can cause a great deal of stress.  If you can't figure out what your superiors expect from you, it can be very exhausting trying to figure it out.  All of these examples are related to communication.

Communication is the exchange of messages, ideas and information between senders and receivers.  But each individual has a different field of experience through which messages are filtered and understood.  Miscommunications often cause stress, because there is a barrier between the sender and the receiver.  Your self-esteem also has alot to do with how well you receive messages, do your job and handle stress.

Postive self-esteem translates into a confident approach by the individual, this communicates competency to your superiors, co-workers and customers, making your job experience more satisfying and less stressful. 

In a corporate environment, for example, a customer may present a challenging assignment, one that your company has a different perception on how to solve than the customer.  Especially, let's say in marketing, it can be very frustrating when a customer wants to guide the process of advertising when the advertising agency, hired for its expertise, sees solving the problem in a different way.

Other sources of stress in business include meeting deadlines, working overtime, and failure.  Uncertainty of job security, sometimes the physical environment can cause an individual stress.  For example, if the work conditions require you to work in very close quarters to many others, with little privacy, or if the environment is too hot, too cold or has ineffective ventilation, these can cause stress.

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