Write a short note on increasng heart problems and mention the factors responsible and preventive measures.Word limit 150-200

ayesha000507 | Student

   The increasing heart problems are the result of today's fast mode of life. The increased pace of work, the competition and our lifestyles have joined together and attacked our hearts.The number of heart related diseases have considerably increased in past years. The examples are hypertension, myocardiopathy, angina, vascular disorders and the list goes on.


  1. Stress and tension related to occupation has increased because of fast pace of work and competition.
  2. Economic pressure and depression has effected many people world-wide resulting in increase of heart diseases.
  3. The fast-food and our eating habits have resulted in increases of heart related diseases. Beverages , burgers, fried food, soft drinks etc. all not only result in unhealthy mind and body as well as in unhealthy heart.
  4. The eating habits combine with sedentary life style , aggrevates the heart problem. In this computer age, the physical activity has become limited resulting in heart diseases.


    The first preventive measure that ought to be taken is increase in physical activity. Moreover, what we can do

  • do regular exercise
  • change our eating habits
  • give up fast food and eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables
  • go for medical check-up regularly
  • make small changes in our life style like walking instead of using accelrator, use stairs instead of an elevator
  • Avoid sitting in front of TV or computer for a long time.    

    These precautions if not completely, to a great extent can reduce the chance of be victim of these heart diseases.




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