Write a short evaluation of personality traits that are characteristic of antisocial behaviors.

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Antisocial behaviors are those behaviors, or actions, of a person that violate the rules of society which protect the basic rights of others or rights that are appropriate to others that may be age-related, disability-related, etc., as well as other social norms. These traits are considered anti-social since they cause harm to individuals and to society in general for reasons that are harmful to individuals' persons or detrimental to society in general. The diagnosis of the disorder related to antisocial behaviors is not made until an individual is of the legal age of 18; however, younger individuals can certainly demonstrate these behaviors. The disorder is referred to as ASPD [AntiSocial Personality Disorder], and the following are behaviors are included:

  1. aggression toward animals
  2. aggressiveness and irritability in personal relations
  3. destruction of property
  4. deceitfulness
  5. theft
  6. non-conformity to social norms, including laws
  7. repeated fights or assaults
  8. disregard for one's own safety or that of others; recklessness
  9. impulsive behavior
  10. irresponsibility
  11. lack of remorse for actions
  12. lack of sympathy for others

The antisocial individual is not to be confused with the psycopath, who exhibits some of the same behaviors, but is much more cunning and manipulative and dangerous. Often people with antisocial behavior are not criminals, although they sometimes misuse drugs and alcohol and have anxiety or depressive disorders.