Write a short and comprehensive summary of Austen's Emma.

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To get a short and comprehensive summary of Emma is a bit of a trick, especially if all characters are of importance. Peripheral characters will of necessity be omitted, yet you can fill them in in your own summary, which this summary will only be a guiding reference for.

Almost twenty-one years old, Emma loses her friend and governess, Miss Taylor, when she marries and becomes Mrs. Weston. Emma, having "rather too much her own way" and thinking a "little too well of herself," finds a replacement for Miss Taylor's lost companionship in the newly befriended Harriet Smith whom Emma decides to groom for a higher social class. Though Harriet is romantically attached to farmer Robert Martin, Emma decides she should instead be attached to the vicar Mr. Elton. Mr Knightley, Emma's neighbor, friend and the patriarchal overseer of Highbury as owner of Donwell Abbey (and benefactor and friend of Robert Martin) warns Emma that she is inappropriately relating to Harriet while ignoring other relationships that are worthy of her notice.

Just as Mr. Knightley predicted, Emma's efforts with Harriet backfire when Mr. Elton, who has long been in love with Emma--humoring Harriet only to please Emma--proposes to Emma in her carriage on their way homeward through the snow after a party at the Weston's home. Emma rejects him. Emma is shocked.

"You have made yourself too clear. Mr. Elton, my astonishment is much beyond any thing I can express."

Elton is outraged. Harriet is heartbroken. Elton goes off to Bath and later brings back to Highbury a...

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thanks this is so simple and comprehensive.

I have also asked question about to write novels tom jone and Great expectation short and comprehensive summary.but it is still awaiting.it will give me great pleasure if you answer these questions,thanks for helping and understanding me novel Emma.now i am able to understand the novel.



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