Write a short composition on Teacher's day in less than 150 words.Don't use very complicated words.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you can get some great ideas here, but, ultimately, you are going to have to write this.  I might start off by talking about the importance of Teacher's Day.  Why is it important to honor our teachers?  Why is it meaningful to pay respect to them?  This might be spoken from a more global view as to why everyone needs teachers, how democracy is better with educated people, and how teachers impact the lives of their learners.  It might also take on a personal form with being able to identify a personalized example of a teacher from your own background who is worthy of honoring.  I think that your composition can go either way.  Within the word space allotted, I think these paths are the most straight- forward ones that can be pursued.

kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Another path you could take, possibly, would be to write a narrative essay that does some of what the previous post suggested while actually going through the bits of a teacher's day.  By following the framework of a teacher's actual workday, you have a built in structure for the essay, giving you a beginning and an end, and you could pick out the most important part of the day you want to emphasize.  This could be tough in just 150 words though, but it is another option.

By using the day as a framework for the story, you give yourself an easy structure to work within.

picturesque | Student

A teacher's day can have two meanings.

1. A day that is organized to show the importance of a teacher.

2.How can a teacher's day be a model.

1st you have to make your sense and the context clear.

What do you exactly mean?