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How can I create sentences with context clues? I need to write a sentence with a context clue for each of the words on the following list: 1) Abject 2) Admonition 3) Beset 4) Cajole 5) Capricious 6) Denigrating 7) Discursive

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This is really one main question, and I have a feeling you're hoping the teachers here to do your homework for you. While I won't give you finished answers for each one, I can help you answer your main question, "How can I create sentences with context clues", by helping you understand more about context clues, showing you how to apply that to your work, and giving you an example of a finished sentence with context clues built around one of your words.

"Context clues" are pieces of information in a sentence that help you make an educated guess about an unfamililar word. For example:

After she punched me in the face, I felt so shnoogley that I cried.

Obviously, "shnoogley" isn't a real word--but you can guess some...

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