I need to write a self-composed poem on the achievements of Albert Einstein. Can you help?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the poem is to be "self-composed," let us help with some of background information necessary for this assignment. Here are some of the achievements of Albert Einstein:

  • Challenged and disproved fundamental ideas about the physical universe
  • Discovered the dual nature of light
  • Generated a "grand unified theory of physics" that defined the properties of energy and matter
  • Created electromagnetic theories
  • Defined the equivalence of matter and energy
  • Predicted accurately the perihelion of mercury's orbit around the sun with his general relativity theory
  • Confirmed that the universe is dynamic (expanding and contracting)
  • Formulated a unified theory of physics. His formulation defined the properties of energy and matter.
  • Received Nobel Prize in 1921

Perhaps, you could begin the poem with some description of Einstein as a scientist and philosopher. Here's an example beginning for the poem:

It was the great scientist Albert Einstein who said, "All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking";
It was the great man Albert Einstein who declared, "Politics is for the present, but an equation is for eternity."
Who, then, but Einstein could encounter a compass at the age of five,
And marvel at the invisible forces inside that turn the needle?
Who but Einstein could discover a book of geometry at the age of twelve,
And unlock its secrets?
From this beginning, the man Einstein proceeded to unlock secrets of the universe,
Secrets such as -------------------(plug in the achievements here with some verse added)


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