Write a response of Cinder 29–38 that connects Cinder to real life situations using one direct quotation and signal phrases.

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The novel Cinder by Marissa Meyer reaches its peak and comes to a close in Chapters 29 through 38, when Cinder gains resolve, purpose, and independence. Instead of focusing on only her own problems, and instead of attempting to rescue only herself by running away, Cinder resolves to stay, to fight the Lunar invasion and Queen Levana, and thereby to save the citizens of the Eastern Commonwealth. Cinder’s eyes are opening to the chaos around her, an awakening heightened by her realization of her own true identity. She is Princess Selene.

(For more details about the events that transpire in Chapters 29 through 38, please refer to our chapter summaries.)

It’s true that the fantasy world in which Cinder takes place bears little resemblance to our own on its surface: a lunar colony is established, an intergalactic conflict is raging, Cinder is a cyborg, and a cybernetic interface implanted in her body feeds her relevant real-time information in a steady stream of green text. As readers, we find...

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