Write the plot of Othello in bullet-points. I can't manage to find the correct plot of Othello, could you write the plot in Othello in 10 to 20 bullet-points?

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the following points are meant just to assist you. i strongly recommend u to read the text thoroughly in order to understand the racial, feminist and other issues that inform the text.

1. elpoment of othello (o) and desdemona (d) discovered, much to brabantio's (b) consternation. b confronts o, but d testifies before a venetian council that she also exercised agency in the elopement as she was in love with o.

2. o's soldiership and generalship lauded n pronounced to be par excellence

3. iago (i) bitter about cassio's appointment as deputy. has set in motion his plot of undoing o. decides to feed his mind about a romantic involvement between d and cassio (c); by capitalizing on racial predilections of venetian society.

4. o falls for the trap. gives the charmed kerchief to d; stolen by emilia (e), the wife of Iago; iago orchestrates a scene with hinself and cassio where he actually talks abt biance but it seems to o that they are talking abt d; he thus believes in their illicit relationship; also sees the kerchief that he had given d but she had lost it

5. confronts d, pronounves her guilty, kills her

6. murder discovered, truth revealed by emilia that othello was wrongly insinuated by iago, iago stabs emilia, othello commits suicide