I need help writing a play for five friends for a dramatic club. Each of the friends needs at least two lines, and they need to display strong emotions.

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The key to writing your scene is first thinking about what the main action of the scene should be. Normally this means starting with some sort of conflict and ending up with a resolution. Since you need five characters, you want to choose a plot that might accommodate them all.

For example, you could use a typical star-crossed lover plot:

Lover 1: Wants to marry Lover 2

Lover 2: Wants to marry Lover 1

Mother 1: approves of marriage

Father 1: disapproves

Single Parent 2: disapproves

Next you would choose a reason for the opposition to the marriage. The young lovers might be from different racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, or perhaps they are gay and their families uncomfortable with gay marriage. Another possibility might be that one is a drug addict or otherwise a bad choice and the parents are right to oppose the relationship.

The scene would start with dialogue expressing the conflict, and then you might create some sort of event that leads to a resolution, either with the characters and parents all agreeing to the marriage or deciding to call it off. With this sort of scene, it would be easy to portray love and anger. 

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