Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover
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What is a physical description of the farm that you imagine?

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Well, I can't really say what the farm looks like "as you imagine it."  It sounds like your teacher wants to know what the farm looks like to you, and not to me. Still, there are several things I can tell you about the story that will help you to develop your own physical description of the place.  I am going to list them in no particular order...just how I remember them.

  1. There is a fence around at least part of the property...we know that because there is a gate at the entrance and because Molly is fed over a fence.  Being England, though, we can also assume that part of the farm is bordered by hedges acting as fences.
  2. There is a large farm house.
  3. Near the farm house is an open area with a flag-pole.
  4. There is a barn where the animals are kept.
  5. There is an out building where tools are stored.
  6. From what I remember, there is a smoke house (I believe that is where Snowball makes his plans for the windmill.)
  7. There is a hen-house.
  8. There is an area near the barn that was supposed to be a "retirement pasture."
  9. There is a hill where the windmill is built.
  10. Near the hill, there is (what sounds like) a small rock quarry.  This is on a ledge, because large rocks are thrown over to be broken into small rocks.
  11. There are large fields that are farmed for various crops.
  12. There is a large "rubbish heap" that I believe is always smoldering.
  13. There is a pond.

That's about what I can remember of the farm.  There might be a spot or two I am forgetting, but I think I've hit all the big ones.  Good luck!

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kimfuji eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The farm has many places within it, scenes.The barn at the farm is a place where the animals meet. At one end there is a raised area, like a stage, lit with a lantern, hanging from a beam above it. Animals give speeches here.

SugarCandy Mountain is another place, sort of a mysterious place all the animals go to when they die. Moses says it is up in the sky way past all of the clouds. In Sugarcandy Mountain clover is always growing, and the hedges or bushes are made of lump sugar and linseed cake.(Clover is a sweet grass that animals love.)

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