Write persuasive letter. People, companies, and other organizations persuade you every day. Advertisements to commercials to billboards use persuasive tactics make you purchase things or make certain decision. Think something that recently tried to persuade you. What types of techniques gain your attention? Focus solely on selecting a topic and brainstorm a letter. We will go over the specifics of what to include in the letter in the next lesson, after you have begun drafting your letter. First, choose one of four brainstorm techniques listed below. Use one of four techniques to complete brainstorm assignment:   ·         Brainstorm ·         Cluster/map/web ·         Freewrite ·         Image map    Review the topics below and choose one to use   Persuade your reader to do one, 1.     Read a specific book 2.     See a particular movie 3.     Study historical narratives 4.     Volunteer for a charitable organization

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The first thing you need to do with this answer is to make your choice about which topic you will choose to write about. For example, as yoiur quewstion is about business, you could imagine you are trying to convince a Human Resources department in a big multi-national company to buy your marvellous hot-selling book or course literature about driving sales up or increasing recruitment. Then go back and build in the methods outlined for setting out your ideas. Remember there are many techniques used in persuasive writing that can enhance effect and buying signals from the recipient. For example consider persuading the audience/reader of the benefits, then use a 'call to action' - persuasive text encourages readers to do something.

For example, think of the letter as an advert - an advertisemnt persuades people to buy something. If you write it as a report then a persuasive report would sway readers to believe a viewpoint. Persuasive texts use repeated words so use this technique to drive home your point. Also consider using text in capital letters or use suggestive techniques such as rhetorical questions (ones that do not need an answer.) Present a one-sided argument that is hard to find fault with and the letter readers  will feel they are on your side. There are many ideas but first you must choose your medium.

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