Write paragraph on the topic "An active student and a passive student"? comparison and contrast paragraph.

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A topic like this would require research.  While it might sound daunting, it is one where there is much out there and can help to generate a very strong work sample.  In terms of basic tendencies, an active student would be one that demonstrates a great deal of energy or vitality within the classroom setting.  The passive student would be one where there is a sense of detachment in their presence in the setting.  In my experience, the active learning stances are assumed when there is much in way of intellectual curiosity present as well as a sense of zeal within their work. The passive learner would be one that displays a lack of affect about their work.

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I would begin by brainstorming. Active students usually answer questions in class, become involved in discussions, do their work in class and at home. In addition, being an active student does not stop when the bell rings to go home. Active students will take home any assignments they may have, study for tests, and review notes. Passive students are just the opposite. They will not answer questions or participate in class discussions. They will sit there and let the day go by. They also usually do not study for tests at home.

If this were my assignment I would also observe students around me. I would observe those who are active and those who are passive and write down the characteristics of each.

It is also important to remember that all individuals learn in a different way. Some students may learn more by participating while others may learn more by listening. These students may seem passive but they really are not. They just have a different learning style.

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In addition to the above, concerning prewriting and research, you'll need to brainstorm or list behaviors an active student practices and behaviors a passive student practices.

You can even use a chart if you'd like, with two categories:

Active Student Behavior/Passive Student Behavior

To give you an example, an active student asks questions during class discussions or whenever he/she doesn't understand something.  A passive student does not. 

Once you've made the lists, you should have no problem writing about the similarities and differences between active and passive students.  Prewriting, as always, is the key.  Make your lists and you'll have plenty of evidence to use in your essay

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It is of course against our policy to do your homework for you, so here are some aspects you may want to consider for your paragraph.

* Comparing means aspects in which the two students are alike.  Words commonly used in comparing include: in comparison, like, still, likewise, in the same ways, at the same time, in the same manner, similar.

* Contrasting means aspects in which the two students are different.  Words commonly used in contrasting include: nonetheless, however, but, yet, nevertheless, conversely, rather, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand.

* A structure to consider using would be to have a sentence comparing the two and then a sentence contrasting the two, which can be repeated throughout the paragraph.

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