Write a paragraph relating to the following: There was fire on the wings of the aircraft. Develop what happened like about 5-6 lines.Reactions and description of what happened.

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am unclear as to what you are asking of us, but I will take a chance that you have been given this detail and are now being asked to write a creative story that goes from there.  I can't write that for you, but I can suggest the following questions.  As you ponder the answers to the questions you should be able to create the continuation of the story.  Remember that good fiction is able to SHOW not TELL how a character is reacting to his or her world, so you will want to use good details, vivid imagery, and creativity.

Ask yourself:

How big was the fire?  What could your character smell?  See? Hear? Feel?  What were the reactions of the other passangers on the plane?  What did the pilot say?  How quickly does the mood of the plane change in light of this potential crisis?  How are the flight attendants handling everything?