What are the true facts and the legend in the story of Robin Hood, and what link can be made between them?  

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There is no evidence of a real Robin Hood having existed, though there is record in the 1200s to 1300s of a man called Robin Hood who lived in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and references to Robin Hood rhymes first appear in Piers Plowman, written in 1377. One scholarly opinion is that the character as we now know it grew out of 19th century English folklore. The Robin Hood tradition includes poems, ballads, stories and folkloric histories. Robin Hood stories are not universal; they vary greatly from region to region. They often reference real locations and sites of interest. For example, Robin Hood is said to have been born in the county of Nottinghamshire. Residents of Nottinghamshire sometimes refer to their county as "Robin Hood County." In addition, sculptures, paintings and other representations of Robin Hood's bow and arrow are common throughout the region. 

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