Write a page about "Health Care and Social Inequality" in the United States.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are going to write a page about health care and social inequality in the United States, there are at least a couple of ways you could go about it.  First, you could write about ways in which social inequalities contribute to people having different levels of health care.  Second, you could write about the ways in which health care contributes to social inequality in the US.

On the first topic, you could write about the ways in which poorer people have a harder time getting access to good health care.  You could write about the fact that we have a system where health insurance tends to come only with good jobs, leaving people with poorer jobs out of the system.  You could write about the lack of access to good health care in poor rural areas, Indian reservations, and inner cities.  In other words, you would be writing about the ways in which our system privileges people with money and harms those who are not as wealthy.

Alternatively, you could write about how our system of health care actually helps to make social inequality worse.  If you wrote a page on this topic, you could discuss the ways in which better health care allows people to be better off.  You could discuss how people with good health care stay in better health and do not have to miss work or lose their jobs because of sickness.  You could write about the increased quality of life available to those who have good health care.  This means that people who do not have good health care are less able to enjoy their lives, thus contributing to social inequality.

To write this page, then, decide which of these approaches sounds more interesting to you and do a little research on that topic.