Write one short paragraph about your opinion of year-round education.

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Year-round education, or YRE, has the possibility of improving the lives of students by allowing for multiple fifteen-day breaks throughout the school year, in addition to normal holiday breaks. Rather than a long summer break at the end of the year, students can access down time throughout the year, preventing burnout, and supporting a student's ability to continue to be engaged in class.

During long summer vacations, students with a parent or parents who work full time are often unable to participate in family vacations or family day-trips. Particularly, students from rural areas who can not simply walk to friends' houses or into the city during summer break and are without the financial or transportation resources to participate in summer activities can become bored and listless after weeks of inactivity. Many YRE programs are able to sustain programs and work opportunities for students during the two-week breaks in order to offer students without resources the ability to participate in programs during the breaks. The shorter break times make this programming more possible than with a multi-month long summer break.

Additionally, some studies suggest that students may be able to retain more information with two week breaks throughout the year, than with a long multi-month long summer break at the end of the year in which many students forget a large portion of what they have learned.

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