Write a note on the screen scene in Act IV of School for Scandal.

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the screen scene in Act IV of School for Scandal, Joseph's efforts to seduce Lady Teazle almost bear fruit when she goes to call on him because she feels tempted by him. She is ironically saved, however, when her husband Sir Peter enters to confide in Joseph and ask if Joseph's brother Charles is having an affair with Lady Teazle. Joseph declares Charles too honorable for such a thing just as Charles is ironically announced as a visitor. Sir Peter starts to hide behind the screen that conceals his wife Lady Teazle only to be redirected to a closet lest he disturb a hiding milliner.

While Sir Peter listens, Joseph quizzes Charles who declares he has no interest in Lady Teazle upon which Joseph is called from the room, Sir Peter steps out from hiding, Charles declares Joseph to also be a man of honor, Sir Peter reveals the milliner--who is ironically not a milliner but his wife. Lady Teazle confesses all and is forgiven all--thus being ironically saved by her husband--and Joseph is exposed to everyone as a scoundrel and deceiver.