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Also known as the Bangalore Procedural Syllabus (BPS), this English Language Teaching (ELT) course of study was designed by N. S. Prabhu in 1987 and was aimed to teach English to primary schools across Bagalore, in South India. The basic tenet of the BPS is that the form of the language can be best learned when the attention is placed on what the words actually mean. According to Prabhu the way that language is learned:

requires not systematization of  language inputs or maximization of planned practice, but rather the creation of conditions in which learners engage in an effort to cope with communication

This means that the methodology to be used for BPS is not concerned with the form of language, but mostly with how it is used within a context, so that students can draw a meaning for the language that they are applying. Therefore, this syllabus will use, as its key strategy, task-based learning (TBL).

This form of learning has as its basic premise that the internal language acquisition processes that take place in the human brain will automatically organize and encode (process) the target language as the student makes conclusions and assumptions through various tasks (processes).  

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