Write a note on ‘Organic effect’ in terms of the decision making process in business.

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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I previously answered an almost identical question posed by you elsewhere on eNotes (see reference).

There is no literature referring specifically to “Organic Effect” in terms of business management and decision-making.

There is, however business literature reference to “Organic Organization” of business management.

Organic management recognizes the constantly changing conditions in the business itself and the marketplace.  Thus, the problems that must be addressed are in a constant state of change, requiring highly adaptive management activity.

In contrast to “organic” organization, the “mechanistic” model is predicated on a static (unchanging) business atmosphere.  Management involves a simple vertical relationship of superior and subordinate.  The mechanistic management style is non-adaptive and, by current standards, a non-productive model.

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