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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you have placed this in the Social Sciences group, I assume that you want a discussion of the social impact of the Green Revolution.

The impact of the Green Revolution on society can best be seen in the fact that the man most closely connected with it (Norman Borlaug) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.  That is how important this revolution was.

By coming up with new varieties of grains, the Green Revolution changed society in many developing countries.  Before the Revolution, famine was fairly common and 56% of the world's population lived on diets that were barely sufficient (this stat in the food-encyclopedia link).  Many feared that the world's population was getting too large and that there would soon be insufficient food for everyone.

The Green Revolution solved this problem.  By doing so, it ensured a better standard of living for billions of people.  In addition, it helped there to be enough food so that conflict between peoples for scarce food did not end up being a major problem.