Write a note on Gandhi and environment.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fairly diverse topic.  On one hand, Gandhi would probably argue that the environment in which one practices his philosophy is irrelevant.  Gandhi's moral code that called for individuals to rise above their own contingencies is universal.  The idea that political liberation is secondary to spiritual transcendence is critical to Gandhian thought.  Yet, the reality is that environment played a vital role in the implementation of his thought.  The environment of South Africa was one environment with a different set of conditions as opposed to the Indian subcontinent.  The environment in the latter was filled with different groups, larger terrain, as well as more issues of divisiveness that helped to bring out some of the more complex nuances to his philosophy.  The environment played a large role in the determination of its success and I think that even the most zealous of followers would concede that environment, even in a philosophical setting that seeks to transcend it, plays a defining role in its effectiveness.