Write a note on the autobiographical element in Spenser's sonnet sequence, Amoretti.

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Spenser wrote his sonnet sequence (also called sonnet cycle), Amoretti, when he was unsuccessfully courting Elisabeth Boyle in Ireland where he had been granted land holdings. At this time, Spenser was a widower and Elisabeth was just a young woman who had no interest in an older, widowed man. The Amoretti tell of her rejection, his heartbreak, his growing love, and her growing tolerance. In the end, the Amoretti tell how she finally yielded to love herself, then accepted his offer of love and marriage. While critics at one time saw his Epithalamion and the Amoretti as separate entities with no connection between them, critics now agree that the Epithalamion is the grand conclusion of the sonnet cycle and a celebration of his marriage to Elisabeth.

In Amoretti I ,...

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