How would I write a news report on the Tom Robinson trial with the title "Negro man found guilty" from To Kill a Mockingbird?

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As you approach this assignment, consider first the report's title, which will help in developing your tone and compiling details. The wording "Negro man found guilty" indicates an article written by a party who cares more about the color of Tom's skin and the verdict of the trial than about truth and justice. A news report using this title would quite possibly include racial stereotypes about Tom and sensational details about why he is obviously guilty; if your aim is to write a piece that reflects these sentiments, the tone and contents of Mr. Ewell's testimony will be particularly helpful.

If your goal is to present unbiased journalism, it is important to balance the Ewells' accusations with Tom's testimony, which Scout and the jury find convincing, despite the guilty verdict issued in the racist atmosphere of Maycomb. A truly unbiased spectator would consider contrasting accounts equally, weighing Mr. Ewell's claims against Atticus 's suggestion that Tom could not have been Mayella's...

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