How would I write a news report on the Tom Robinson trial with the title "Negro man found guilty" from To Kill a Mockingbird?

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A news article should tell who, what, when, where, why and how.

When you summarize the trial, you should focus on who was accused, what they were accused of, and by whom they were accused.

Who was accused:  Tom Robinson

What was he accused of: Robinson is accused of raping a white woman.

Who accused him:  Mayella Ewell accused Tom Robinson.

During the trial, almost everyone in Maycomb attended.  You might use a quote from the book to show that the trial was crowded.

"Scout, come on, there ain't a seat left. We'll hafta stand up." (ch 16)

During the trial, Bob Ewell testifies that he heard Mayella screaming and came running and saw Tom Robinson raping her.  Atticus cross-examines him and asks if he is left-handed.  He is trying to prove that Tom Robinson could not have committed the crime.

When Tom Robinson testifies, he demonstrates that he is crippled, so he could not have physically given Mayella her injuries.  He also says he helped her because he felt sorry for her.  Mr. Gilmer repeats this, and Tom Robinson knows he made a mistake because a black man should not feel sorry for a white woman.

Good articles should contain an interview with important people involved.  When interviewing Atticus, you might include the comment he made after the trial.

"It's not time to worry yet," Atticus reassured him, as we went to the dining room. "We're not through yet. There'll be an appeal, you can count on that…(ch 22)

When summing up your article, you might want to make a prediction for the future.  Do you agree with Atticus?  Will the guilty verdict be overturned?


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