How do I write a news report on "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty.

In this fictional news report, the main facts of the incident are provided first. The article is then closed with some background information.

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To write a news report on the content of "The Sniper," the student will want to follow a journalistic style of writing. In other words, the inverted pyramid style should be employed with the most relevant facts presented first. The student should answer these questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? After this information is given, the details and some background information can be provided.

Of course, a headline should be at the top. Perhaps something like this:


The Four Courts Building in Dublin, Ireland, is the location of the standoff described in this story. It is 1922. Since it is the Republican brother who survives, the article may be coldly objective, or even somewhat negative if the news report is in a British-supported paper. For the sniper, who is a member of Fianna Fail, will be considered a rebel who wants complete Irish independence. The unsuccessful marksman was a member of Sinn Fein, those who support the Anglo-Irish treaty with Britain in which Ireland has a Free State status.

If the news report is in an Irish newspaper that favors the anti-Treaty IRA and is sympathetic to the cause, the article will consider the rebel a hero, especially because he has also killed the driver of the armored car and the female informant.

The important thing to remember is to give the main happenings first, and then add more detailed information. So, mentioning the two snipers, their political affiliations, and the main facts of the incident will come first; then, perhaps, there could be some information on who identified the dead sniper.

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I can give you highlights of what I would include if I were writing this piece on "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty.

First of all, adopt an objective viewpoint. A reporter does not include his or own bias (or opinion), but simply reports what he/she sees. I might also listen to a news report on the six or eleven o'clock news to hear the "voice" the reporter adopts to make his report sound like "news."

I would include the fact that gunfire started from rooftops in the Four Courts area of Dublin during the night.

This is the result of more fighting due to the civil war between the Free Staters and the Republicans.

An unknown woman who lived in the area [the traitor...but you wouldn't write this] was killed by one of the snipers.

The driver of an armored car was also killed in the fighting.

At the end of the shooting, one sniper who was shot was dead in the street where he fell from the roof of one of the buildings. When police searched the surrounding buildings, another roof turned up signs of habitation, probably by the other sniper: there was blood—he may have been wounded; his rifle was also found in the street.

The authorities haven't been able to identify the men. There is still an investigations going on. The authorities doubt they'll find out who the men were.

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