Write the name of the plant in which vegetative propagation takes place by leaves.  

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Vegetative propagation is an asexual mode of reproduction in plants. In this process, the propagation or reproduction takes place through vegetative parts of the plant, which include, roots, leaves and stem. A number of plants exhibit vegetative propagation by leaves, including Bryophyllum and Begonia. In case of Bryophyllum, the plant leaves have notches. New buds originate at these notches and remain dormant. When the leaf is broken or the bud makes contact with moist soil, the dormancy ends and the bud grows as a new plant. This way the Bryophyllum propagates. Something similar takes place in the Begonia plant.

Vegetative propagation is commonly used by plants that do not produce seeds and is a faster and easier method of reproduction, as compared to growth from seeds.

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