Write a list of five reasons explaining why people might want to escape reality. These might be positive or negative. Tennessee Williams: “At the age of fourteen I discovered writing as an escape from a world of reality in which I felt acutely uncomfortable. It immediately became my place of retreat, my cave, my refuge. From what? From being called a sissy by the neighbourhood kids, and Miss Nancy by my father, because I would rather read books... than play marbles and baseball and other normal kid games, a results of a severe childhood illness and of excessive attachment to the female members of my family, who had coaxed me back into life.”

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Some people want to escape from reality because they are living in slum areas where they are surrounded by dirt, crime, poverty, and ugliness.

Some people are like Tennessee Williams in wanting to escape from reality because they are being verbally or physically abused.

Some people are like Blanche Dubois, who wants to escape from reality because she is getting old and destitute and can no longer play the Southern belle.

Some people are afraid of death and don't want to think about it. This would include soldiers who are expecting to be going into battle. It also includes many old people who spend all their time watching television.

Some people escape from reality like Laura in Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie because they feel they can never hope for love and marriage. In her case, she was crippled and gave her love to glass animals in place of children.

Some people become addicted to alcohol or narcotics and cannot break their habits.

Some people have unrealistic ambitions and refuse to give them up when they should realize they lack whatever it would take to fulfill them. There are many would-be artists, actors, and entertainers in this category.

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