Write a letter to your family from the trenches in WW1. Include: Layout Condition Food Disease Free time Feeling Moral value Weather Environment

gsenviro | Student

Dear Mom,

Hope everyone's fine at home and that all of you are not too worried about me. Life here is very different from what I imagined when I first set out for army. Here we have to spend every waking hour in the trenches and we hardly sleep to avoid any surprise attack. The trenches are dug in soil and then we barricade our trenches with barbed wire to slow down the enemy. They are mostly wet because of constant rains here and we are losing a lot of our comrades to diseases. Mosquitoes and flies are aplenty. Wish I got my raincoat that uncle Barny gifted me last Christmas.

Food is terrible, boiled vegetables mostly; but some stew every other week or so. We hardly get any free time and spend it in keeping our weapons ready. However, I do manage a game of chess every night before going to bed. 

Given these conditions, many of my friends are questioning the war and why are we so far away from home. I keep telling them that we are doing this for our country and families, however fewer and fewer soldiers agree. No one wants to spend another day here.

Hoping to be back soon.

Love you all,

your son.

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