I need to write an an assignment in response to the following prompt: Write a letter to your cousin asking her to look after your pet dog for few days because you are going to your grandfather's house.

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As you think about the assignment, you will need to make choices based in what you think will be persuasive. 

Your first choice is whether you would send a text, an email, or a letter. How do you normally choose to communicate with your cousin?

Next, you should think about your relationship to your cousin. Are you good friends who regularly help each other out? If so, you can just write a short introduction explaining the circumstances, and then focus on the details, such as how long you will be gone and what sort of care the dog needs. This might include the phone number of your veterinarian, how often the dog gets fed, how often the dog should be walked and let outside, and any other details about the care of the dog.

If you are less well acquainted with your cousin, you should focus more on persuasion, emphasizing that the dog doesn't require a great deal of care, and expressing how much you would appreciate the help.

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