Write a letter in Spanish to your Spanish teacher telling her why you most like the Hispanic country you choose. Thanks a lot for your help.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is one I can answer in English helping you with reasons why you might choose an Hispanic country while you create the letter in Spanish.  For example, I might choose Bolivia which is not very well known in the world. You can write about resources, the clash of the past with the present, the beauty and the exploitation of people and resources, and the unusual things which make you as a student say, "Wow!" A land-locked country in South America, Bolivia was known for its silver production but is now searching for new exports.  As a poor country, there is tension between the have and the have nots, but the beauty of the country is undeniable.  The Amazon is part of its natural resources as are the Andes mountains.  A rain forest exists high up in the mountains and to watch farmers run cattle on such steep slopes seems impossible as is the idea that the jaguar might eat one.  The roads are primitive, giving you a sense of the past and the natives use of the mountain path systems.  One of the ancient bridges of woven grasses still exists which you can see as a tourist.  The Bolivian Road of Death is not one to travel as it truly is that dangerous, but some of the other roads feel as dangerous.  To travel into the mountain resort towns from Santa Cruz, you travel at night so that you can see the lights of oncoming traffic around the mountain roads.  This allows you to move over in the widest spot in the road to accommodate another vehicle or you drop off the road thousands of feet down.  The biggest city is Santa Cruz de la Sierra which is a modern city for the most part where you can see people driving a Mercedes while on the same road is a man with a donkey pulled cart selling fruit to the maids of the households on  his route.  The government is trying to update the infrastructure and build roads which is good in one way, but destroys the jungle which is not good. 

What you need to do is figure out which country draws you in, what in the country is distinguishable from other countries, how you would see it as a tourist, and how to write this in Spanish.  As Bolivia would say, "Buen Dia" for good morning or good day, dropping the rest of the words.   

mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For that, I cannot help you.  We are not allowed to do the assignment for you, and I do not speak Spanish.  Sorry.