write a letter to my cousin about the first day of school?

kukarad70 | Student

Dear Lalit,

How are you and how is your day? I am fine here and wish you are doing well in your place. I am going to say to you about the first day of my school. I had gone first time to the school and it was so interesting day for me. So nice place, so nice students looking marvelous and amazing. Some were playing. Some were fighting. Some were studying at class. The day which I never forgot. I had made three friends in the first day of my school. They were Ravi, Hari and shankar. They were so sweet and lovely. They were co-operative and polite. Really first day of my school was out of describe and always that day is coming in my mind.

It was first day so there was not much pressure to study at class. Teachers were helpful and funny. After tiffin time we had to sleep for one hour which was my new experience in my life, made me much curious to sleep in the day time. It was so exciting that teachers were singing so sweet songs and was saying to sing us, sometimes we had to go outside to play and sometimes we had to see hooked pictures on the wall and should remember the few names. Actually it was starting of my school life and was the funniest day. 

These way my first day of school had passed and I had enjoyed a lot that day. The same I have written to you. Please take care and don't forget to call me. I always remember to you. Bye.

Your uncle