Write a letter to a friend explaining how your life is influenced by American culture.Imagine that you are a foreign teenager. Use specific examples. Talk about music, TV, internet, movies, sports,...

Write a letter to a friend explaining how your life is influenced by American culture.

Imagine that you are a foreign teenager. Use specific examples. Talk about music, TV, internet, movies, sports, & fashion

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

American cultural influences are everywhere in the world, even in places where the dominant culture is opposed to the dominant culture of the United States.

You can see examples of this everywhere.  When it comes to music, rap has influenced music around the world.  Teens listen to American rap as well as to local music influenced by rap.

American sports are not as dominant around the world, but basketball is second only to soccer in worldwide popularity.

American internet companies are also active throughout the world.  Google has been fighting with the Chinese government lately about censorship.  I personally know teens from Germany and Uzbekistan who keep in touch with friends via Facebook.

mkcapen1 | Student

American culture is unique in many ways, but similar to some European countries.

  1. American's as a whole are wasteful.  We buy a lot of products that are over packaged, and we dispose of things that still work.
  2. One of the biggest differences that I have recognized is that Americans like instant gratification.  When we want something, we get it on credit or by it on impulse.
  3. Most teens in America have more spending money than in any other culture.
  4. Americans live in a fast paced society.
  5. As a collective group American children are more outspoken and disruptive.
  6. American children have more recreation time than other nations, but the never seem to have free time.
  7. Television is an integral part of society with more than two in most homes.
  8. Use of cells phones is popular and most teens now own them.  Cell phones also serve as a status symbol.
  9. The majority of Americans have an income that allows them to be on the lower middle class spectrum.
  10. Music such as rap, country, rock and roll, and pop are the primary types of music that teens listen to regularly.
  11. When interviewed and asked to identify someone who they look up to,  8 out of 10 teens will identify a spors player.


American culture is very different form the Indian culture that i grew up in, there are rarely any similarities i see. 

In the american culture there is not a distinct line between what genders can and cannot do

In the american culture you can call a friends mom by name instead of Aunty (which to be honest i still feel uncomfortable doing)

the music here might just be the only similar thing to indian culture. since the modern Indian film industry is coming out with movies and songs faster then ever before, the songs are becoming more and more similar, the older songs in india used to be very high pitched and had a story behind it (because they usually happened in the middle of movies), where as old american songs from my recollection are usually deeper, but like i said with the blending of the cultures the music is beginning to sound the same ignoring the language differences.  

THERE ARE SO MANY CHANNELS ON TV and the internet is 90% of my life now, from what i have seen in India it is the complete opposite, socializing in real life occurs more often then it does here, also in america, people rarely walk anywhere unless the place is close by but most of the time we usually drive. 

another similarity which i'm supposing goes for almost all countries: fashion and sports are still very high on the "keep up with" scale. many people gather to watch football like we used to with cricket, and as usual we have aunties/ teens here too who talk about the latest "hip" or fashion statements.