Write a letter to the editor which encourages teens to take steps to improve their self-esteem. Letters to editors are found many newspapers and magazines. A reader writes the editor of the newspaper or magazine to express his thoughts on topic. The letter is then published in a later issue of the newspaper or magazine. In body of letter, have an introduction to include thesis, argument statement. Your thesis should focus how teens improve self-esteem. Have a body paragraph supporting your thesis. Your body paragraph should include at least 3 steps improve self-esteem. Have closing paragraph summarizing all of previously stated thoughts. Each paragraph should be 3-5 complete sentences in length and have proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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This particular assignment is really just a persuasive essay in the form of a letter, and I assume you are looking for a little help to get you started. Of course the most important thing you must do is determine what you want to persuade teens to do in order to improve their self-esteem. 

I have attached several websites, below, which will help you generate some ideas if you need them. One of the sites suggests these three things:

  • Focus on experiences, not appearances
  • Provide opportunity for accomplishments
  • Take responsibility

Using these as examples, though there are lots of possibilities, you will next want to make a list of examples, illustrations, statistics, or whatever else might support each idea. For example, taking responsibility might include getting involved in an organization, getting a job, or even starting a business such as dog-walking, lawn-mowing, or babysitting. Having something to do, to look forward to, and to succeed at is a really important part of feeling valued...

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