Write a letter about Monster by Walter Dean Meyer.The book i'm reading name monster and the author name is Walter dean myer

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A letter about Myers' book can include several elements.  One such element would be Stevie's explanation of the different phases of the trial.  Perhaps, this would involve incarceration and the idea of dealing with the intricacies of a trial.  This would involve talking about his lawyer's defense of he and his actions coupled with the prosecution, who labels Stevie a "monster."  Another aspect of the letter could involve how Stevie wants to pursue a film career and how his experiences with the trial might fulfill this.  If the letter is going to be addressed to the author himself, a great topic might be how he sees children of color, how this plays into identity on both social and individual levels, as well as how Myers sees the role of literature in helping all adolescent youth.