Write at least one paragraph explaining the negative impact of Nixon's presidency on the nation.i tried it but my paragraph doesnt sound very good thats why i nned help on it

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Most Americans used to love and trust their presidents, and even their politicians. Nixon shattered that perception, as naive as it might have been. From then on, American politics took a darker turn and we became even more skeptical.
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It is by no means right to say that Nixon's presidency had only negative effects.  However, his time in office is remembered mostly in negative ways.

Nixon's presidency had a negative impact on the country mainly because it did so much to erode the trust that Americans had in their government.  Before Nixon, no American president had openly broken the law and openly lied to the American people about what he had done.  When Nixon did this during the Watergate scandal, it accelerated a trend that had already been started by Nixon's actions (and those of Johnson before him) and statements with regard to the Vietnam War.

The main negative impact of Nixon's presidency, then, was to help destroy Americans' faith in their government leaders.  We continue to feel the effects of this loss of faith today.

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