In The Shakespeare Stealer, write Julia's diary entry for the night in Whitehall as she watches Widge 'become' Ophelia. At least 5 sentences.

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Great question! Chapter 22 makes clear how upset Julia is about the fact that she will not be able to act with the company again, especially now that the company has been asked to perform in front of the Queen herself. Words such as "despair" and the tears that she sheds at the thought that this could be her last performance amply demonstrate her regret and sadness. Any diary account would therefore, I think, need to capture that sadness and desire to act whilst also balancing it with a certain amount of pride at the success that Widge achieves. The following are just a few sugestions to help you get started:

As I watch Widge perform the lines we have rehearsed so intensely and which I know like the back of my hand, jealousy courses through me. This is the role that I should have played and the character of Ophelia was one that I inhabited and gave new life to. At the same time, however, I always knew that eventually I would be found out, sooner or later. At least Widge is doing the character justice. He has worked really hard, and he does show talent. I am proud of the way he is bringing Ophelia to life.

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