Describe your literacy practices today. How much do you read and write each day? What kinds of communication technologies are you using in your daily life? How frequently, and how much, do you use...

Describe your literacy practices today. How much do you read and write each day? What kinds of communication technologies are you using in your daily life? How frequently, and how much, do you use each of them?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, please be aware that the answers to these questions will surely be different for you as a student than they are for those of us who are not students.  You will want to write an answer that will reflect your own life.  In this answer, I will set out my own literacy practices and I will try to point out what things you might think about when giving your own answer.

I do not have time to read as much as I would like to.  If I had more free time, I would probably read approximately four hours each day.  As it is, I probably get in 90 minutes or so each day.  I read a variety of things.  I read news magazines and online news sources.  I read fiction.  I read nonfiction in areas that are of interest to me and which might help me in my teaching.  When you write about your own reading practices, you may want to consider the time that you spend reading for school.  You might also list the sorts of things that you read and give specific examples of what you are reading or have read.  You might also consider that things like text messages should be included in what you read.

I spend a fair amount of time writing each day.  In this case, I probably write more than you do on a day-to-day basis.  I answer questions here on eNotes which, of course, requires writing.  I write in a journal.  I write emails to friends and family.  I would imagine that you would want to include here any writing that you do for school.  You might also consider whether you consider texting and posting things on social media to be forms of writing.

Essentially all of my reading and writing these days is done on electronic devices.  My writing is done on computers.  My reading is also done on computers and on my e-reader.  I do have one news magazine that I read in hard copy each week, but that is about it.  When you answer, you will want to remember that you probably do more reading on a smart phone or a tablet or other device.  I do not, as yet, have a phone or a tablet. 

In writing your own answer to this question, try to be as detailed as possible.  List the kinds of things that you read and write, giving examples.  Perhaps discuss which of these literacy practices you enjoy.  List the devices you own and use.  You might also use those devices to help discuss how much you read and write each day.  For example, you could say how many texts you send and receive each day.  Finally, you might (if you need to write a longer answer) spend time discussing whether you think that things like texting constitute reading and writing.  Good luck on your essay.

Chantelm | Student

To start of in order for me to score high on my SAT I have to study. Before I explain, you'll have to know I am a sophomore in high school and the SAT scores determine my future college. I read and write all day long in school and when I get home I get an extra 3 hours of studying and writing. I use my IPhone and my HP laptop mostly to access books and the internet but I also use textbooks and novels. I use all of them daily for my literacy practice 

eli468 | Student

My literacy practices change drastically from summer compared to the school year. I use a lot of social media so that causes me to read everyday, even if it is a lot of text posts and short writings from people. I also have books either downloaded on my tablet or laptop or I have paper backs that I read before going to bed. I am constantly reading everyday.

The difference when I am in school is that I write A LOT more and my outside reading slims down to make room for all the textbooks I have to read. I also use social media less during the school year.

Wiggin42 | Student

I read a novel for about 1 to 2 hours a day. I might spend another hour reading online science magazines and blogs. Most of my daily communication is via email to friends, family, and college financial aid officers (haha). I spend very little time writing in the summer but compensate with more reading. However, it's the complete opposite during the school year.

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