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How would I write a five-paragraph essay on the impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on young people in India?

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The most important part of writing any essay is the research; there is a great deal of information on drug and alcohol abuse around the world, and doing a search for the terms "drug and alcohol abuse" and "India" will bring you many different pages with statistics and other information. Narrowing the search with the terms "youth," "young people," or "teens" will also help. The more verifiable and reputable information you have to work with, the better your essay will be. (Also, make sure you differentiate between people from India and American Indians; it's not politically correct, but many websites will still bring up Indians/Native Americans instead of Indian citizens.)

Next, figure out what your thesis statement should be, and how your essay will cover the most important aspects of this issue. Your thesis could be as simple as "Drug and alcohol abuse in teens from India causes difficulties later in life," which could focus on the problems that substance abuse causes in employment, relationships, and society. You could also go deeper, and analyze the role that Indian society, religion, or government plays in the youth desire to abuse drugs and alcohol; a thesis reading "Societal roles in India, especially cultural restrictions, make young people more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol" would give a great deal of scope for examining the role of society and peer pressure. Despite the scope, however, try to keep your thesis to one or two major points, to keep the essay short.

Finally, make sure your five paragraphs conform to the standard essay structure:

  • Introduction, containing the thesis statement
  • Three paragraphs of explanation, research details, observations, and limited opinions
  • Conclusion, reiterating the thesis and stating the final goal, solution, or new understanding gained from the paper.

This will allow a good exploration of the subject while still remaining focused on a single issue.

Good luck!

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