write a first person narrative in which you describe a failure of yours to live up to the expectations of parents or other authority figures.Narrative essay

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A narrative essay assignment such as this one involves the writing about an event or experience in your own life, it is impossible for anyone else to do so.  Therefore, you will want to think of some experience that you have had in which you let your parents down, so to speak.  That is, you performed an unwise action or made a poor decision which either disappointed your parents or got you into trouble with the authorities (at school or with the police).

Spend some time reflecting on your past and search for an episode that will lend itself well to your having failed in some way, but also having learned a valuable lesson in life.  Consider modeling your narrative on something you may have read such as the classic Great Expectations which contains many narratives by Pip of his foolish mistakes and lessons acquired from them.  (Any story or novel--To Kill a Mockingbird is another--that is a narrative of maturation will lend itself well as a model.)

When you have written a rough draft, examine your narrative for its thesis and blueprint (main points).  See if you can find a passage or line from a novel or short story--or a quotation--that relates to this thesis.  Use these lines as an opener in your introduction. (Some TV shows even open with a quote before the episode begins.)  You may even wish to conclude with a similar passage or quote or paraphrase of the quote in your conclusion.

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